Healthy Shopping

Healthy eating starts with healthy shopping. We all know shopping for groceries can be time consuming and expensive, but if you don’t buy groceries then you will probably end up eating fast food or ordering take-away.

A healthy diet starts by looking to fresh and unprocessed products at marketplaces just like the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

Here are some quick tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle:

Before Shopping

Always make sure you eat before you go shopping. Shopping on an empty stomach will make you prone to impulse purchases that may be unhealthy.

Healthy grocery lists

It is a good idea to plan your meals out for the week and prepare a shopping list before you head to the markets, this way you can stick to a budget and make the most out of your delicious fresh produce.

Shopping for produce

The healthiest foods are fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meats and natural dairy products which are all readily available at Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. When shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables look to the products which are in season - this will ensure the best flavour and lowest prices. Click here to view our Buying Tips which gives you a more detailed guide to picking the right produce.

Meat, fish & poultry

Meat, fish & poultry are some of the most biologically valuable foods for the human diet and Belconnen Fresh Food Markets have a huge range to choose from. If you are unsure about which products are right for you, have a chat with the butchers who can help you pick the best cuts of meat for you family. Shopping directly from a local butcher as opposed to major chain grocers will ensure a fresher and usually higher quality cut of meat. If you would like more tips on different types of meat to choose from click here.

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