Lets work together as a community, to build awareness of the importance of environmental issues. Our hope is to assist in the preservation of our precious environment for generations to come!

If we all did just a little bit each day to reduce our impact on the environment, it will bring huge benefits for the environmental sustainability of our home, Canberra. Here are some simple ways you can start today:

Turn Off All Unused Electrical Equipment

A great tip to use at home and also helps cut the electricity bill is turning unused electrical items off from the power point. Make sure you get a parent or guardian's permission first!

Re-Usable Shopping Bags

On your next trip to the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, why not try out our eye catching new re-usable environmental shopping bags, as an alternative to plastic bags!

Walk or Ride instead of driving the Car

If you live near the markets maybe on nice warm days you can walk or ride with Mum and Dad to the markets for some shopping or just to have a nice cup of Hot Chocolate.

Buy Organic Foods

On your next trip to Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, be sure to try out the many varieties of Organic foods on offer. Organic farming techniques do not consume or release potenially harmful chemicals into the environment, they also use less energy and produce less waste than conventional farms. Organic farms are also better than conventional farms at sustaining and protecting our valuable ecosystems.

Please send in your tips that you might do at home with your family and remember think GREEN for a better tomorrow.

Nude School Lunches

Try to take rubbish free lunches to school by using Tupperware containers or lunch boxes. If you do this every school day for 1 year you could save 230 odd pieces of foil or wrap!